Feral PvP (BG)

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Feral PvP (BG)

Postby Ursidae » Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:27 am

I notice that there isn't a forum area for PvP, and if thats not really what this site will be about, no worries!

I am currently on very limited and sporadic playtime, so my WoW time is mostly just doing a few BGs here and there and picking up the nice new honor gear on various alts. My druid has been resto/balance up til now but I thought I'd give Feral a Bash (pun intended).

So far, the pleasure and curse of feral pvpage seems to be that I have so many options and abilities - every time I lose a fight I think "If only I had gone into bear to survive that burst" , or "I could have cycloned and escaped" etc etc etc!

Whilst a little overwhelming at first, this actually makes a refreshing change from my warrior options: 1) Charge at their face and kill them or die or 2) Run away and die. On the warrior I tend to feel that if only I had better gear then the "do-or-die" playstyle would have rather more success.

On my limited druid experience, I have found that despite being in rubbish blues and crafted ilvl 200 epics, I can cause significantly more disruption for a much longer time, even if I am currently unable to rip enemies limb from limb. And as I learn the feral toolset (which is surely larger than any other class in the game?) I can only see it becoming more fun.

The following things seem to be giving me difficulty, however:

1) Bloody Savage Roar!
If there is one thing that annoys me with cat form, its that to do any kind of significant damage I have to have this buff up , but its a pain in the arse to use in pvp, especially in limited stun windows when you want to be shredding! Anyone got any tips about how to make best use of it? Does it buff bleeds as well as direct damage?

2) Shifting out of roots/snares
Is there some trick to this? I was fighting a frost mage and by the time I had clicked out of cat to bear and back again he had got some other kind of root or snare on me!

3) Restealthing
I'm a tauren so I dont have shadowmeld, which I hear is handy for this. But in general, whats a safe way of getting back into stealth without moving too far away? Will I drop combat if I stay close to the enemy (obviously I need to not be being hit or doing any damage/heals, but I assume my bleeds ticking doesnt count)

4) Using the cat combo point instant cast thing (can't remember the name)
I find I tend to waste this proc as it needs to be used so quickly now! If I do notice it and have a chance to cast it, what's the best choice? I assume cyclone is generally good, to give some breathing room, but does it stop my bleeds ticking? Anything other than cyclone and I feel a bit exposed being left there in caster form with a non CCed enemy.

That's enough for now...

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Re: Feral PvP (BG)

Postby Alaron » Thu Mar 18, 2010 11:46 pm

Urs, I'll be happy to add a discussion area for PvP, though I'm not very experienced in that role. To answer your questions:

1. Savage Roar: Yeah, it sucks to have to put it up. It's really a judgement call whether you think the fight will last long enough that you need the extra +30% damage, or whether you're going to try to burst them down with your stored energy + TF. Yes, bleeds are considered physical damage and are buffed by SR (and the Naturalist talent, FWIW)

2. Powershift! Look in my bear guide or google druid powershifting...that's where you shift to the same form you're currently in (thereby using only 1 GCD instead of 2). Sure, they can resnare you, but diminishing returns will make that less than effective.

3. 5s without being targeted by any spell/attack, taking any damage, or inflicting any direct damage. (I think this is still true...not sure.)

4. It depends on the situation, really. Cyclone is good as you can get off a few heals before resuming the fight...your bleeds will continue to tick, but they will be immune to the damage. Roots is another option against non-ranged classes. If you're fighting a ranged enemy and can LOS him briefly, pop a HT. For BG's (or raids) instant brez on a tank/healer is very very nice.

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Re: Feral PvP (BG)

Postby Ursidae » Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:02 am

Thanks for the tips, I have given Feral BG PvP a bit more of a go. I thought I would share some of my findings here:

1. Savage Roar is still a pain - BUT: a fun technique I have tried is as follows:
A) Pounce and build 4-5 C.Ps
B) Savage Roar to get a nice long buff and to get the instant nature buff
C) Insta - Cyclone the victim, get back into cat form, move away a bit, wait to drop combat and restealth (assuming no dots on you)
D) Pounce again and begin full dps etc with savage roar already up. Then C.Ps can be used for maim, rip etc
This only really works on a lone opponent (to be able to drop combat during cyclone) but gives them very little chance to respond.

2. Mangle spec is easier!
With the new glyph of mangle, and with the improved mangle talent, just running around like a mad thing and manglespamming is an easy way to build C.Ps. It does less damage than shred but as a newby cat, my issues lie more in generating and spending C.Ps efficiently, and mangle lets me do this without having to also worry about positioning myself behind the enemy.

3. 4pc PvP gear is excellent!
145% run speed (30% talents and 15% from 4pc set bonus) = hyperspeed pwncat! Combined with powershifting out of snares, this means that a hunter's disengage buys him maybe 1 second of breathing room before I catch up with him (even if feral charge is down). With mangle spec you can just bounce around enemies like a big, angry tigger!

Anyway, I'm enjoying myself a lot. My next plan is some kind of weird feral/resto hybrid picking up nurturing instinct and feral charge, to go with resto gear and the 4pc feral set, to act as some kind of lightning-fast stealth-stunning cat/tree insta-healingtouch monster of extreme BG annoyance. Alternatively the mixing of specs and gear may just lead to being lame at everything. I will see how it goes!

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Re: Feral PvP (BG)

Postby Alaron » Thu May 13, 2010 4:29 pm

Awesome. :) I'll have to try the Pounce->SR->Cyclone combo. You could probably toss up a couple hots on yourself while waiting for combat to drop as well, I'd imagine.

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