Asking for some advice on improving my gear/character

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Asking for some advice on improving my gear/character

Postby Baruck » Sat Jul 16, 2011 3:32 am


I've been watching this really helpfull site for quite a while and finally registered an account. Can you give me some advice on improving my character? I'm not sure whether my talents are up to date. Currently I'm raiding FL up to Staghelm with about 20-21k dps (overall, including trash / no raidlogs I could provide yet) and I think there is potential to increase my dps. I've got 2T11 and 2T12 and I'm saving my money for the chest next week - hope the legs will drop from the PvP boss. We had Ragnaros at 6% last week and we hope to kill him on Sunday. In this fight I prefere to be almost capped at hit and expertise because we melees are often nearly out of range and I have to mangle.

My second questions is about the purchasable trinket Ancient Petrified Seed. Is it better than my current passive trinkets if I macri it with Berserk and Tiger's Fury?

I would appriciate it if you could help me a bit :-)


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