Real Dmg (Boss Training Dummy) vs Simulation Dmg (Cactus)

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Real Dmg (Boss Training Dummy) vs Simulation Dmg (Cactus)

Postby Nerto » Thu Oct 03, 2013 7:22 pm


at first my english isn't really good.

At this evening i try to compare two skills at a Boss Training Dummy( Hotw+Soul vs Hotw+FoN) and i get

Hotw+ Soul:. 183.64 ± 2.58
Hotw+FoN: 186.94 ± 3.29 .

But i try calculate the theoretical value at Boss Training Dummy with Cactus and i get 251378(Hotw+FoN) and 247808(Hotw+Soul). The ratio between real and theoretically is about 0.7.
The ratio is little low. Is this normal or i am just bad?

Armory link: ... rto/simple

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Re: Real Dmg (Boss Training Dummy) vs Simulation Dmg (Cactus

Postby raffy » Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:17 pm

Note: try to keep the Catus-specific stuff in the Catus thread.

If I sim your Cat, using your armory gear and talents, +300 Agi food and +1000 Agi flask, with only self-provided buffs, no debuffs except self-applied Faeire Fire, no hero, no temp effects, no potion/pre-pot, for ~7.5minutes, I see about ~217K DPS. That definitely is in the ballpark of your ~185K numbers, but I'd need more information to help you improve your numbers. If I drop the consumables, don't Thrash, and use SotF, it's down to ~199K.

If I put early death at 25%, since raid dummies never get to BitW phase, you're down to ~205K (or ~193K as SotF/NoThrash/NoConsume).

How long did you record your DPS for?
Did you actually maintain 100% maximum effort on a dummy for 7.5 minutes?
How many times did you do this? Just once?

At low combat times, the duration of combat is very important. For example, 2.5 minute fight vs 3.5 minute fight, you get 1 more berserk. If you use a potion (or two), you can have ridiculous potion uptime. You can get crazy high RPPM trinket uptime outliers. Combat dummies do not enforce RPPM reset, so you should be idle for 2 minutes before making a measurement.

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Re: Real Dmg (Boss Training Dummy) vs Simulation Dmg (Cactus

Postby Nerto » Sat Oct 05, 2013 1:54 pm

Big thanks the post was very helpful.

I was only selfbuff without flask and portion and the time was 3 min. I try to used thrash wtih clearcast.
Today i recalculate the theoretical value with cactus and i get around 195k. I think, that i used the wrong settings.

The ration is now 0.95. It is not perfect but i am satisfied with the value.

P.s cactus is really brilliant.

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