Trinket choice. (AoC/Rune/TED)

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Trinket choice. (AoC/Rune/TED)

Postby Scryms » Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:23 pm

Hello, fellow kitties.

My main is a monk, I play in a 12/14H guild ( ... s/advanced ), but whatever, who cares about that !

My alt is a feral druid ( ... x/advanced ), and I recently (well, like 15mn ago) got a 540 AoC. I had a 510 Rune, and a 561 TED. I wonder which would be the best choice, considering the randomness of procs with a LFR 2/2 rune.

Also, I had that rune for ages, and since every "top" feral runs with a 549 Rune, I wonder what is the stat priority without rune atm. Mastery > Crit > Haste or Mastery > Haste > Crit?

Thanks a lot and keep up the nice work, I wish every class would have a forum like this one.

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Re: Trinket choice. (AoC/Rune/TED)

Postby aggixx » Wed Oct 16, 2013 3:50 am

Crit is firmly better than Haste now that most RPPM no longer scales with it, so Mastery > Crit > Haste is the priority.

As far as which is the best trinket, you can sim it in SimC or Catus to find the answer, I would recommend Catus since that'll manage the change in reforging easily.

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Re: Trinket choice. (AoC/Rune/TED)

Postby Scryms » Mon Oct 21, 2013 8:30 pm

Sorry I completely forgot to answer you back.

I simmed different profiles (using Catus to reforge and then export to SimC), and it seems that the AoC/TED with Mastery > Crit > Haste is the better combo.

However, while I was at it, I also simmed profiles using different types of rune (LFR/Normal/HC), and the profile using HC RoR 2/2 was lower than the Normal 2/2 RoR (with the exact same stats) so I'm a little bit confused about that.

Anyway, thanks for the fast answer.

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Re: Trinket choice. (AoC/Rune/TED)

Postby inferiorlol » Tue Oct 22, 2013 7:33 pm

This is what I get with your trinket choices together with different version of RoR:


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