Worth the switch to melee?

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Worth the switch to melee?

Postby Lynxx » Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:14 am

Hi all!
I am currently raiding as a Boomkin and offspecing heals. We are halfway through heroic SoO as a 10m guild. We will be making the switch to 20m in WoD. I am currently raidleading and will most likely continue to lead into WoD. We are encouraging our group to start thinking of their plans for WoD as it will be creeping up on us pretty soon. I have been tossing around the idea of going feral for a while now. Probably since about 5.2, but never really seriously considered it until I started maining Boomkin instead of Resto. I thrive on knowing my spec in and out and can be considered a bit OCD when it comes to my dps. I played feral as a main back in the day of late BC I believe and then switched to rogue up until the end of cata( always playing my druid ofc ;p). So I am no stranger to melee and it is one of the reasons I miss feral. However, what I want to know is, is it worth it to switch to melee? How are feral's current raid utility and will I be hindering my raid team by losing a ranged dps? All I have heard this expansion is how melee unfriendly it is. The lack of feral cats running around doesn't give me much to go on. The actual gameplay of a feral seems in depth and engaging. I like a spec to make me think. The reason I quit my mindless rogue. I know that you have to play what you think is fun and lots of things will be changing with WoD, but I just want to know the opinion of a feral who has been through heroic content and has had to learn the fights as melee.
Thanks for any insight you guys can give me! :mrgreen:

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Re: Worth the switch to melee?

Postby Alteredbeast » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:24 am

First off. I have to disagree about the melee comment. Soo has been the most melee friendly content in awhile. But yes you did nail it. Most raids tend to require ranged for certain mechanics.

It's hard to speculate what feral will bring in WOD and mythic raiding in general.

Feral isn't overly difficult tbh but feral and Raid leading might be. That being said you were raid leading with a mindless rogue and found it boring so it might be right up your ally...

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Re: Worth the switch to melee?

Postby Athen » Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:33 am

Hey Lynxx,

I am playing feral since Bc so i got quite used to it. However for me it is still hard to raidlead at the one hand and to maximize dps on the other. As feral you have to look at many things besides what you have to watch out for in bossfights. Maybe i just lack some multitasking skill but i can't talk much when I try to reach my limits as feral. (Maybe because my 'push to talk'-button is out of a good position^^)
But you will need your time for sure to play feral blindly and still be able to be a good raidlead.

Currently in SoO I find myself in a good spot. I normaly hit #1 dps in nearly any fight and i rarely got a fight where our boomkins did more damage. Even fights where meeles don't do that well we can still be quite strong. Thats because our dps isn't that hard affected by low boss uptime.
After we put up our bleeds we can move in safe positions and as long as we don't cap energy we lose not much more than a few autohits.

In my opinion ferals raid utility is especially in 10m very strong but people won't notice it much. Your instantheal can save people from dying. You won't hit many hps but you can heal smarter than smartheal by itself. For example i healed up our 4 hunters on siegecrafter blackfuse by my own when we where doing conveyor belts.
But in some fights our utility isn't as strong as rogues smokebomb for example. We can't mitigate dmg we can just react with heal. But you will now that as boomkin...

If you have to decide what meele you can bring over some range dps without seeing him death all the time or lacking dps, feral is a good choice. It will be hard on some fights but there is no fight we can't manage to be competitive.

I hope you were able to understand my badly written english and it did help a bit.

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Re: Worth the switch to melee?

Postby Lynxx » Mon Feb 17, 2014 12:45 am

Ok, thanks for the quick replies! I have been reading as much as possible and getting myself caught up on everything. Looking through, would it be wise to start off using SotF and HotW so I can concentrate on bleed uptimes and the feel of the spec and then work up to DoC? I have always used Rogue Power Bars to track my bleeds and debuffs, its what I'm used to. Do any if you prefer the weak aura bleed tracker? I saw it posted in the stickys. Looks simple enough to see and use.

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Re: Worth the switch to melee?

Postby Tremnen » Mon Feb 17, 2014 9:56 am

one weird thing to realise assuming no stat priority changes (lol right?) Feral will have good resto gear since the agi will swap to int and mastery crit are good resto stats after you hit a certain haste break point.

Boomkin crit gear will be good guardian gear come next expansion if you are looking at offspec potential.

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Re: Worth the switch to melee?

Postby AsgardFM » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:37 am

Despite it being unusual, I've been raid leading as a feral since the end of wrath and don't find it any more awdward to do as a feral than any other spec. The downtimes of energy in the rotation are even a bonus for planning ahead on the encounter. The only time I've struggled recently is opening burst at Malkorok. Marking the slam in middle of cooldown spam has me energy capped a touch longer than ideal.

As for melee friendly...encounters aren't specifically unfriendly to individuals but is hellish in bulk. Some 10 encounters rocket in difficulty with more than 2 melee in the raid and some people recommend not taking any at all of a few fights. It can work but be careful you don't skew your own raid setup by swapping.

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Re: Worth the switch to melee?

Postby Lynxx » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:11 am

Ok thanks guys! I think I will make the switch. Just got to get lucky on a few drops and I will have a decent feral set. Pretty pumped about being feral again actually. We only have an arms Warr for melee atm. We have a ret pally that subs in when a dps can't make it. Just going to be an issue of getting used to the rotation. Sniff* goodbye boomie burst lol.
Yes I found myself muttering some curse words trying to place markers on Malkorok and still keep a flawless opener on my critchicken. Especially when the flag box disappears and you have to re select it.
Am I correct in my line of thinking, that when you use DoC, you would hold it and optimally use it to drop a rip and then rake? Just making sure I'm on the right track with it.

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