Newbie needs advice

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Newbie needs advice

Postby Rudedruid » Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:22 am


I just started playing a druid in WotlK (was previously my bank char) and shifted my focus on him as a main in the past 2 months.[Got 8 lvl80 alts] Browsing through loads of forums I did my homework and got the 4pc T10 bonus (vital) and run my toon through Rawr to make sure gemming is the best possible.

My problem:
I noticed that my dps is ok for certain fights especially the ones I don't have to run around much but I'm having trouble sustaining burst damage on the supressors during the Dreamwalker 25 fight. My duty is usually to take them down as quickly as possible before they start to take away buffs from our healers. It's me and another melee on one side and two melee on the other. I seem to burn the first 40-50k hp quite fast and then have trouble to get enough energy to continue a rotation since they move around. Any advice?

My Armory:
My Build:
Random WWS Log:

I don't use rotation addons as I find them too much distracting during a fight.
My UI usually consists of Omen, Recount, Ice Hud to keep track of combo points and energy and the normal requirements like DBM, ORA etc.
Rotation: Faerie Fire> Mangle > Rake > Savage Roar > Berserk> Shred up to 5 CP [if Rake is down before: refresh] > Rip and then pretty simple keeping Savage Roar/Rake/Rip/Faerie Fire up. I also try and pop a potion of speed a second before we engage the boss so that I can use it twice in a fight.

You will notice I don't have the Improved Mangle in my tree as I always manage to dps from behind my target and prefer shred. Could Mangle be my weakness?

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Re: Newbie needs advice

Postby Dabeasty » Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:01 am

I have to be honest, on fights like Valrithia where Im running around hitting different things all the time my rotation usually goes out of the window. I tend to just use instinct to determine what to use. Try to keep savage roar up, save some energy for burst on packs of suppressors or worms etc otherwise mangle and shred. I rarely bother with rip or rake on this one.

As for your log of Saurfang fight. Im not used to wowmeteronline (I use worldoflogs) but it looks to me like your Rake and Mangle uptime is poor, Rip seems ok.

Finally, I cant begin to comprehend how hard it must be not using an addon as feral kitty. I use bad kitty (bars bit, disable the squares bit) to watch all my dots and buffs and I couldnt operate without it!

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Re: Newbie needs advice

Postby Rudedruid » Fri Apr 30, 2010 7:37 am

Thanks for the reply, I'll try BadKitty out. Last time I checked it out I had a hard time moving the bars and squares around. I guess it's cause I have to many addon profiles.
Re: Rip/Mangle uptime I found what it was, my countdown addon was outdated and it was giving me wrong timers.

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Re: Newbie needs advice

Postby Grenache » Sat May 01, 2010 12:26 pm

Looking at your parse, the main problem seems to be your Savage Roar uptime, although Rip is a little low also. Look under "buffer gains" and you'll see SR at 81%. You should be aiming for 95%+ on this as it is the most important druid buff of all. The other thing I notice is that you are using Rake as a higher priority than Rip in your rotation. I would suggest that you should reverse that.

I've been working on improving my uptimes and find that I usually get 97% SR and 79-85%+ on both Rip and Rake on 400ms latency. I've found it impossible to get into the 90s with those two though. I use Ovale and Need to Know in combination.

About your issue with Dreamwalker adds, I have exactly the same issue. I can pop 11.5k on Festergut and yet only do about 4.8k on this fight, though I only tried it for the first time tonight. So frustrating. It's the only fight I get beaten by our warrior on. The suppressors are far enough apart that Swiping seems not as effective, and half the time your Feral Charge leaps you 5 yards behind the Blazing Skeletons. Plus we don't have any rogues so I found myself wasting combo's on Maim's and being slowed regularly by the Archmages. Throw in the Zombies and it's just nasty for melee really.

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Re: Newbie needs advice

Postby Rudedruid » Sun May 02, 2010 2:12 am

Now I'm starting to realize that I'll have to use an addon like badkitty or ovale and such, if I'm slacking on keeping SR/Rake/Rip up it means I'm miss calculating timings. Latency is always in the low 70-140.

Thanks for replying.

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