Are feral players weird?

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Are feral players weird?

Postby Oceansalt » Sat Jun 08, 2013 12:18 pm

So ..

Hello everyone.
I was lurking here for a few month by now and I gut a serious question about feral players a long time ago.
My start at playing WoW active was the beginning of WotlK. So don't get me wrong, I only know Feral as those
guys shifting forms to do whatever everyone else wants.

In my time playing WoW I met not that many Ferals and even less I've gotten to know "good".

BUT the 3-4 Feral's I've met until know .. well. They were weird in much ways. So am I.
Completely antisocial but still one of the best guys if you needed help. Always taunting everyone around them
but still the most social beings online if you gotten to know them.
Everyone had a pet (with a special nickname of course) and was interacting with it (feeding, leashing them and stuff).
Most players were rational, normal people but Ferals seem to be a bit weird. Well, not just a bit. Extremly weird.

Is it something in our skin? Did Blizzard do something with shapeshifting (adds 500+ weirdness if a cat)?
Does someone have an explanation for me?

If not: Is anyone like this too? Or am I the last one of a dying shapeshifter?

btw.: My own pet is called Fuzzball. The fire-kitten. :E

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Re: Are feral players weird?

Postby Steakbomb » Wed Jun 12, 2013 3:12 am

The WoW forums are probably a better place to ask this question as the most of the feral community sticks to other ferals trying to keep with each other more than sit around Org and be a nuisance.

I would assume the ferals you have met are casual players, not very good, or not in a high end guild.

The high end feral community is not very big compared to other classes so most of the ferals you will meet will be your average casual player.

I can't speak about everyone but most of the active members on these forums are constantly talking to each other so anti-social doesn't seem right. Also, high end ferals tend to spend a lot of time running Sim's, theorycrafting, and dissecting logs to improve themselves so you may find a random feral sitting idle somewhere as they are alt-tabbed to do something else.

Myself, if I am on WoW it's usually to cap valor or to raid. I don't like the casuals of WoW so the only people I really talk to are RealID friends from previous guilds or my guild members. I don't like sitting in Org playing with a non-combat pet as that does nothing to improve my character. In fact the only reason I do pet battles is for the lesser charms although a couple guildies and I all went and killed the mobs that drop the Krokon supplies today and it seems that is the fastest way to get coins now.

If you talk to a high end feral that is idle in Org, then yes they might seem anti-social as they are probably on this forum talking to other ferals or they are alt-tabbed.

If you talk to a casual feral that is playing with a non-combat pet for hours, then they are probably killing time waiting for an LFR queue or something.

I have a Cinderkitten named Steak Jr. but I rarely have it out as I am preparing for a raid or something and forget about it.

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