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Postby Thebeebs » Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:51 pm

Hey everyone, new member here, with cataclysm in the near future I am hanging up my leaves and branches to grow some fur. I have just gotten my Bane of the Fallen King title after alot of hard work so I am familiar with raiding and consider myself a pretty decent player. That being said we have a melee spot opening up for cata and I pounced on the chance to swap out of my healing ways and start shredding faces. I have heard alot of ovale and the script and before i give it a shot was wondering if I could get a little more information on what it is and what exactly it does. Right now I have been prepairing for cata and kitty by setting up my Power Auras to monitor my dps timers for bleeds, FF, savage roar etc... So once again a little info on Ovale would be helpful.

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Re: Ovale

Postby Mihir » Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:11 pm

Did you look at the description on ?

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Re: Ovale

Postby Leafkiller » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:23 pm

The value of Ovale is that it can take a more or less "idealized" rotation - even a very complex one such as the feral rotation, and suggest to you what the next optimal "spell" is that you need to cast. There is an added benefit in that you can develop and optimize a script in a simulator such as Mew and then program that into Ovale. The sorts of micro decisions that a move suggester can make are certainly beyond what I can do in game (which holds true for most if not all players) so I can derive higher dps using it.

It is, however, limited in that the rotations are modeled assuming a stationary fight with no interruptions. Since many fights are not stationary, you need to understand your rotation along with what Ovale is telling you and make decisions accordingly. Also the sim scripts do not tell you what to do in AOE situations.

As for the scripts themselves, there are two linked on this forum - one by Mihir and one I put together. Both of our scripts have common roots and a fair amount in common. A main difference is one of presentation, Mihir's script does not include "fillers" such as Shreds in the main suggestion box. These are in a second suggestion box for use when there is nothing else to do in the "main" box. My script shows a full rotation in the "main" box and leaves the fillers out in the second suggestion box so you can see what is coming. Which you prefer is a personal choice. I find it easier to have one place to look at a full rotation - I make fewer mistakes that way.

There are some additional display boxes in the scripts that show various cooldowns which are also a matter of preference but are not core to the difference between the two. I am not aware of any other credible Ovale scripts that have been recently optimized for feral druids. The default script that ships with Ovale has significantly lower dps than either of these.

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Re: Ovale

Postby Thebeebs » Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:22 am

Thanks for the information all my questions were answered and I will definetly give it a shot more DPS is always better and because i am not a robot this should help me right? Thanks again for the help

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