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challenge modes

Postby threeeyedcat » Tue Nov 06, 2012 5:25 pm

I was curious on what people would recommend as specs for certain challenge modes. I imagine it depends on the fight.
I have been mainly going HotW or DoC. But I want to try out Inc + NV... but i imagine that would depend on timing with bosses. Has anyone had any luck with certain combinations? HotW is great for such places as Scarlet Monestary and Scholo. How does respecing on the fly effect cooldowns on these abilities? [i haven't tried enough on a time limit] Thoughts? How about symbiosis and glyphs.

Just trying to up my game for my team.

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Re: challenge modes

Postby kaiadam » Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:29 pm

I'd recommend HoTW for challenge modes. There are just too many packs that are melee unfriendly and hurricane is just too ridiculous of an aoe to not use whenever you can.

I've got no experience with respeccing on the fly, but there's really no reason to not keep HoTW running the entire time. You don't use enough finishers during aoe to proc PS for DoC, and you'll often find yourself delaying NV during non-intense encounters. The 6% stam and sometimes tranquility are both significantly more wipe-protective than a few points of higher dps.

The important thing about challenge modes is to competently and consistently chain pull, often multiple packs, without stopping and obviously without dying/wiping. As long as you're not just standing there, your dps will generally not be an issue at all. Ferals are one of the better dps classes to take as well, so it's far more important to play well by not overaggroing, PS healing/rebirthing on point, stunning the appropriate mob(s), keeping the group alive, stealthing when appropriate - you can stealth almost everything that guides tell you to invis potion for - stampeding roar at the right times, etc. than getting 3% more dps. (Not saying you can't do those as DoC, but in my experience, DoC takes too much attention to make it a dps gain that you do everything else less well. Which is fine on patchwerk and very not fine in a challenge mode.)


Symbiosis is just a minor perk, put it on whoever you think will give the best overall benefit. Ele shaman get solar beam, which is pretty ace for caster packs. Hunters get dash to help them run during camo. Warriors get stampeding roar. I can't think of any other good uses for this spell though until 5.1 where you'll want to symbiosis the tank almost all the time.

Glyph of prowl, savagery, shred are what I use for challenge modes.
- current top US druid challenge scorer.

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Re: challenge modes

Postby threeeyedcat » Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:30 pm

thanks for your recommendations. it seems i am on the right page with a bunch of the items you stated. i will just keep with HotW... i had been leaning that way anyway. =D I just thought i might be missing something with Inc+NV.

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Re: challenge modes

Postby Arilith » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:55 pm

Personally I recommend HotW

DoC is nice, but the thing with HotW is that the utility it provides is tremendous. Remember, in Challenge Modes, you want nearly 100% dps uptime. Several bosses have mechanics that are very anti-melee:

Armsmaster Harlan in Scarlet Halls -> HotW for WW phase
Brother Korloff -> HotW for Flaming Kick phase (pref after around 70%)
Commander Ri'mok -> Gate of the Setting Sun (fight is EXTREMELY quick and the problem as melee is that there are times where you won't get maximum damage due to being in the green pools for a brief moment)
Instructor Chillheart -> Scholomance, you blow hero on this boss + HotW wrath spam = mega dmg. You want her dead ASAP since the wall moves extremely fast. You won't need HotW again til mebbe Lillian Voss.

Lillian Voss -> This boss requires TREMENDOUS dps to "push" her into skipping her p2 phase entirely. Ideally this will be the boss your group uses Heroism on again in Scholomance. This is a pretty strong DPS check as skipping her "ghost phase" will save you at least a minute off your timer.

TL:DR Any fight in which heroism is popped = use HotW + any on use Haste trinkets you have. Also it's STRONGLY Advised to have a caster dps weapon to swap to. For me, swapping from a 463 ilvl feral weapon to a 463 ilvl caster one changes my wrath damage from 88-90k to around 100-110k or so. So keep in mind about that. Also note that you WILL lose 1/2 your max HP upon swapping a weapon.

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Re: challenge modes

Postby archury » Sun Nov 11, 2012 6:09 pm

Great advice from Arilith. However, pushing Lillian Voss before she splits is very very difficult; we weren't even close. It does save a large chunk of time, but scholo can easily be completed without pushing her.

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Re: challenge modes

Postby threeeyedcat » Mon Nov 12, 2012 8:18 pm

Thanks for the info! All good stuff. We should keep adding to this. I am only all silvers right now. That was the initial goal of our team. [everyone wanted a phoenix] We are now trying to tweak out for golds.

I like your boss suggestions with HotW. But i don't use it on the bosses so much. i should probably review that more. I tend to use it on large pack pulls to speed things along. Our group is a little melee heavy. So HotW on the second pull in shadowpan monastery [lighting guys, warden, and his cohorts]. Or another fine example is the double pack pull with the first boss in scarlet monastery [which is initially so nasty for melee]. And then HotW again on a group pull inside the monastery before boss. In scholomance, it is hotw+hurricane with the mass pull from the rattlegore room. And then [i think] the adds before lillian or is it the students?

Love to hear more ideas.

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